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What is Applied BioInfo?

AppBio (Applied BioInfo) is a central hub for bioinformatic projects.

Researchers and Labs post requests for data processing and mining projects and AppBio matches the project request with our internal network of bioinformatists and IT professionals, based on skills set, time and availability.

Why use App Bio?

Data processing and analysis can be very time consuming and expensive.

As biotechnology advances and brings novel bioinformatic tools, labs often lack readily available computational workforce to process experiments' outputs or implement important bioinformatic tasks.

Using AppBio to out-source tedious data processing steps, researchers can focus on results and more efficiently plan their next steps.

App Bio offers data processing and data mining works in various types of bioinformatic areas, such as Metagenomics, Proteomics, Functional Genomics, Next-Gen Sequencing data analysis, Big BLASTs, and Re-alignments. We also offer Web, Database and Data mining works in general.

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